While at Maymont last weekend, we stumbled upon quite a few unsuspecting geese just going on their merry way… that is, until someone (ahem, Matt) thought it would be an awesome idea to convince our son to try to catch a goose.  With his bare hands.  Oh, and it gets worse, people.  Matt further motivated the poor child by offering him a new Lego set if he was successful in his goose-catching mission.  Yep.

IMG_0271 1

If you have known Carson for five minutes, you know that the kid is completely and totally obsessed with Legos.  So, what ensued was straight hilarity.  I have never.in.my.life seen the kid run with such gusto.  IMG_0287 1


Though I nearly peed in my pants in laughter over the sight of two of my kids sprinting after aggravated geese for a good ten minutes, I was a small bit nervous that they’d be victims of a goose attack.  Everyone else assured me that I was being a ridiculous, overly concerned mother and told me to relax and just let my kids catch the flippin geese.  Sure enough, my fears were confirmed later when I received several concerned comments about the vicious nature of these birds, warning us to stay away.  Awesome.  Just don’t tell our social worker that we make our children hunt violent waterfowl, alright?  And (apparently) don’t try this at home.

IMG_0279 1

See that little blue blur waaay off in the distance of this zoomed-in picture?  Why, yes.  That’s Mary Grace.  The girl cackled in glee during this entire goose hunt, luring the geese with shrill screams of “GOOSE! GOOSE! COME HERE WITTLE GOOSE!”  If anyone was going to catch a goose, I was pretty sure that it would be this stubborn little thing.

IMG_0283 1Alas, we finally had to pull the kids away from the birds.  While I wiped the tears from my cheeks from laughing so hard over this ridiculousness, Carson started up with tears of his own for walking away empty handed.  No goose.  No Lego set.  Poor kid.  All’s well that ends well, though.  The geese escaped unscathed (albeit a bit frazzled), Carson was awarded sympathy Legos, and they all lived happily ever after.

The end.