Very few people on earth understand just how much I love the zoo. No, really… you just don’t get it. From our trip to the NC Zoo this past weekend, I’m thinking that my kids might be following in my footsteps. Carson checked off his two goals of the day- viewing rhinos and polar bears- and Mary Grace got a huge kick out of the super social chimp. Overall, it was a huge success that was made only sweeter by a swing by Sonic on the way home. Apes and strawberry limeades… can’t get much better!


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  1. We LOVE the zoo! We went just a couple weeks ago. Maybe we should plan a family trip together sometime…I'm just saying!=) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. that picture of you and mary grace could bode for her future fascination with primates. just like her mother! another jane goodall in the making.

  3. Tiffany! Yes!! We really do have to do that sometime!

    Mom– that picture is of Mary Grace and a CHIMP, not Mary Grace and me. Thanks though! Ha!

  4. yeah, i realized that after i had already posted it. i think it was a VERY freudian slip. you and mg are synonymous to me. all i could think about was the time you rigged yourself the interview with the head of primates at the national zoo. then, remember how you got into the back part, up close and personal? deja vu, mary grace.

  5. We love the zoo too and nothing makes it better than a stop by Sonic! We may have to meet up there for a fun day for all

  6. Why I love this post:

    *I have no children, but a fun group day at the zoo with a stop at Sonic sounds awesome. Count me in.

    *I'm 90% sure that the adorable picture of MG and Carson ended with a bite and tears.

    *Your mom confused you with an ape. Priceless.

    Love you all!

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