Mary Grace went in for her four month checkup this week, so I figured I’d post her stats in case I forget to record them in her baby book…
Weight: 15lb 1.5 oz (75%)
Height: 23.5″ (25%)
Head: 16.5″ (75%)

So essentially, she’s short. Sorry sweetheart, but the genes just aren’t working for ya.

I can hardly believe how quickly she’s growing up! These days, she’s smiling constantly and loves to laugh at Carson. She loves her exersaucer… I know she’d love the Johnny Jump-up too but her lazy parents have yet to search the garage for it. Sometimes she’ll roll over and when she does, Carson cheers her on. She’s put herself on a nice little schedule, and her long nap of the day is right when Carson naps. It’s really quite glorious. It would be even more glorious if she could sleep through the night though. She still wakes up about twice a night to eat.

She’s been going to the nursery at church the past few weeks and has done fabulous. One of the nursery workers mentioned to me last week that she is always “so fancy”, and that made me happy.

We’ve entered into the world of rice cereal, and the girl loves it. Her thighs hardly fit in her Bumbo anymore, and I’m thinking it will be the solids that really set her over the edge.

Oh, and for the record, Carson also went for his two year old check up this week. He’s in the 50th percentile for his weight and height, and his head remains in the 95th percentile. Despite his finger prick, he still thinks the doctor’s office is the best thing ever due to the two pieces of cake and fistfuls of lollipops my work friends bribed him with while he was there.

Two happy, healthy kids. What more could I ask for?