Some highlights of the weekend:

  • DATE NIGHT!! This is in all caps for a reason… Matt and I very rarely get to go out on dates alone. Our wonderful friend Sarah offered to babysit, and we enthusiastically took her up on the offer. To those who know us well, it should be no surprise that our date night consisted of Mexican food, a jaunt to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican market, a used bookstore, the Dollar Tree, and McD’s for icecream. Matt is so lucky he married such a low maintenance girl. Ha.
  • At said trip to the Dollar Tree, we found a Pat McGee CD! It made me a little sad for Pat McGee that their CD was being sold new for a dollar, but maybe they are even more of a Richmond phenomenon than I had previously thought. So, I have a recommendation to all of you native North Carolinians: buy this CD and wait until the perfect sunny spring day. Once that day comes, roll down the windows, turn up the CD, and enjoy the happiness that ensues.
  • After our nice TV broke last week, we moved our little bedroom TV downstairs as a replacement. This left a huge void on the wall of our living room which has been driving me nuts. Well, I was inspired at Michaels yesterday to pull a “frame some scrapbook paper and call it art” part two. Matt even went all HGTV on me and provided some helpful input. We both are quite pleased with the finished product, and I no longer miss that big TV we once had.
  • Daya’s fiesta de la presentation de los tres anos. Whew, if I got that wrong, please know that my knowledge of espanol is still limited to medical terminology. Anyway, we attended a huge third birthday party for my work friend’s daughter. Apparently, many Mexicans throw elaborate parties for little girls when they turn three and then have them “presented” to their church. It was awesome. I loved watching my preppy little white boy running around with all of the Spanish speaking little kids in fancy dresses and cowboy hats… that is, until he knocked the birthday girl flat on her back with her legs dangling in the air, completely unable to get up due to her big fancy dress. That was slightly embarrassing, but no grudges were held. I am so sad I forgot my camera- these pics were taken with Matt’s phone so the quality is terrible. I just had to convey how sweet Daya looked in her tiara and gown… and to show how my boy knows how to chow down on some Mexican food.

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  1. I'd like to contest the "we enthusiastically took her up on the offer"…. it took FOREVER to get you to let me keep your kids! You should let me keep them more often!

  2. Ugh, Todd and I are so bad about getting out of the house together NOW. I fear what will happen to us when we have minis. 🙂 Good for you! Sounds like it was a perfectly luxurious evening.

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