Mother’s Day Week ’09 was a wild success, if you ask me. Yes, that’s right. My fabulous husband declared all of last week to be a time of celebration, and who am I to argue that? Throughout the week, I was surprised with everything from my favorite orange juice that I am too cheap to buy myself to brand new rocking chairs that now adorn our front porch.

Really, I simply asked for two things this mother’s day. One, I wanted the opportunity to go to Barnes and Noble by myself to wander around aimlessly and read magazines mindlessly. This has been a favorite not-so-guilty pasttime since my high school days (holllla Laura), and I sadly haven’t had the chance to do so since I can remember. With a twinge of guilt for leaving Matt and Carson high and dry, I took off Saturday afternoon to B&N. The oh-so-familiar atmosphere of this wonderful establishment quickly assuaged any guilt, and I enjoyed a glorious hour and a half alone and free of responsibilty. (Sidenote: the closest B&N to me is 25 minutes away! That is a crime, if you ask me!)

The second request I had was for acts of service. If anyone knows anything about love languages, this is most definitely one of my big ones- one that Matt sometimes resents, unfortunately. Well, he outdid himself with the coupon book he presented me with this morning. I was gifted with everything from a car wash to the chance to win any argument (limit one) and an afternoon out sans Carson and Matt. I cracked up laughing as I read through his creative coupons and pronounced it one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Between the three quarts of strawberries the three of us polished off in the past 36 hours and my delicious cucumber sushi this afternoon, my stomach is quite happy. However, my heart is even happier as I consider what an amazing opportunity it is to be a mother. As with anything, there are always good times…

… and not so good…
But at the end of the day, I could not imagine a job I would rather have in the whole world.

Happy mother’s day to all of you moms out there, especially to my own mother- the woman I have to thank for giving me life and teaching me to love God and serve others. With every stinky diaper changed and temper tantrum ignored, I gain more and more appreciation for all you have done for me over the years. So, thank you, mom. I owe ya big time.

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