Yippee!!  Matt (aka The Rev) is officially official.  Though he has been done with seminary classes since December, last night’s graduation felt so good.


We’ve come a long way, baby.  I’m not going to pretend that your seminary days were always glorious for us.  They  just weren’t (especially in the beginning).  But you made it.  We made it.

I love this picture.  This professor taught both Matt and his dad in seminary.  I guess Carson’s next. 🙂


Matt and his proud mama.


Me and my favorite “determined and resolved”* master of divinity!

*A short blurb was read about each graduate in the ceremony.  Most were sweet– “Jimmy will forever be remembered for his quiet and gentle spirit.”  “Sally bakes really good cookies and is a joy to have in class.”  In his blurb, Matt was described as “determined and resolved”.  HA!  This has brought me so much laughter as I can just imagine his professors sitting around pondering how to describe my husband who knows what he believes and will defend it to the end.  Matt is also a pusher.  He refuses to settle for status quo and is forever pushing limits, even when it drives people caraaazy.  Hence, the oh-so-endearing description chosen by his professors. Babe, I have never been prouder of you.  Keep pushing those limits.  I love that in you… most of the time. 😉