This is me.  June of 2010.  Biometrics paperwork in hand, just months into our journey of adopting a baby boy from Rwanda.

2010_06_29 005

And this is Elizabeth.  Same spot, four years later.  Our amazing, sweet, Congolese daughter.  Because God knew what He was doing all along.


Yesterday, we headed to USCIS for Elizabeth to be presented with her long-awaited Certificate of Citizenship.


And her flag.  No lie, moments after this little citizen was handed her flag, she broke out in the pledge.  Cutest.ever.  Aaaand shortly thereafter, our Congolese-American child asked us to take her out to Mexican for lunch.  Whatever.  We’re raising our kids to be multicultural, you guys.  It’s hard work.


Oh hey, huge shoulder sling and unenthused Elizabeth.  Common’ girl!  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!  Didn’t you read about that in your citizenship paperwork?  Get on it!


Ah, there we go.  Now that’s one really stoked US citizen.


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  1. Elizabeth, remember when we looked on the map at church and found the lights that go all the way to Africa. It’s so special that you have two countries that have been your home! We are so glad you live in America now.

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