Since I was scheduled at work for today and tomorrow, Matt took the opportunity to take the kids to visit his mom in Richmond. (P.S. by the time you read this, they’ll be home. I didn’t need any boogeymen up in here, knowing that I was home alone and all). Since it is a very rare occasion that I have am home alone, sans husband and kids, I thought it necessary to document a few not-so-earth-shattering thoughts:

1. My #1 priority for my 24 hours of freedom was to go to Target. Honestly, I had a huge moral dilemma about whether it was a wise idea for me to even step foot in Target by myself. Y’all know how it goes. You walk in for a gallon of milk and you leave with a clearance rack sweater, jeans for the kids, various too-good-to-pass-up items from the dollar section, and a new pair of shoes… and forget the milk. It’s a danger zone, people. But I couldn’t resist. I behaved pretty well, though. And enjoyed every single second of perusing the aisles alone.

2. My second and final priority was to find my missing planner because, let’s face it, my type A self doesn’t know how to function without it. I searched frantically through our home yesterday. No luck. I tore apart my drawers at work today. Nada. I came home from work today a woman on a mission and resumed the search and rescue mission the moment I walked into the house. Alas, mixed within the pile of Mary Grace’s coloring books was my poor, abandoned lifeline. Complete with pages upon pages of her colorful scribbles. Another item scratched off of my to-do list.

3. I skyped with Matt and the kids probably 3 times in 24 hours. And I nearly cried after skyping with Carson this morning. I know, I know. I’m ridiculously pitiful in every way. And somehow I’m going to have to man-up to travel with Matt to Rwanda for several weeks in the (hopefully not too crazy distant) future. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

4. I’m 99.9% convinced that I would never cook for myself if I lived alone. I could totally live off of cereal, smoothies, and yogurt.

5. Hands down, the best part of this bachelorette experience was this morning. I have always loved mornings. Having time to read and pray and guzzle coffee in the still of the morning is my idea of perfection. However, a cute little early bird who just so happens to be my son started to run the morning show in this house a couple years ago. When he’s up, he’s up and demands my full attention. I love the boy, but I also loved spending this morning without fumbling over Lego instructions.

I kinda think I need to do this more often. The end.

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  1. Sounds fun! I think we must be similar…my planner has been missing since mid June…driving me crazy!

  2. The pull of Target is the very reason that I can no longer go into Target…instead I by all of my "Target-esq" things online…from–free shipping, and next day delivery. Plus, I don't buy as many superfluous things…like shoes for me and the kids:)

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