Something got into me this year and made me want to get all earthy and plant flowers. I do not have a green thumb at all- in fact, I tend to kill anything we have- so this little project of mine should be interesting. Anyway, I went to pick out flowers earlier this week but after perusing the choices for a while, I became way too overwhelmed and came home empty handed. So, yesterday I brought Matt along with me to Lowes as moral support as I picked out my flowers. To tell you the truth, I have no clue what I picked out, but I do know that the flowers are yellow, pink, and purple. And they make me happy. And that’s all that matters. I think I underestimated how sweaty and dirty I would get planting 50 of those dang things, but I did it, and now you have to ohhh and ahhh over the results. (On second thought, it really doesn’t look that impressive in the picture, but trust me- it’s lovely.)Matt, on the other hand, has become some crazed farmer man with his vegetable garden on the other side of the patio. He goes out there several times a day to stare at his plants and ponder their growth. I think he’d make out with them if he could. I really hope they produce some kind of edible harvest because:
1. I would really like some home-grown veggies and
2. I think he’s going to cry if they all die.

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  1. it looks like you have marigolds and impatiens. hard to tell by the picture, though. marigolds need sun, but impatiens needs shade. happy gardening!

  2. Well, I did actually go as far as to look to see which flowers needed shade and sun… that’s about all I knew to do!

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