It’s like Christmas Eve around here… except instead of stuffed stockings, we have filled brackets… and instead of nicely wrapped gifts to rip into, we have dumb referees to tear apart. Yes, March Madness is about to get into full swing, hence the fact that my crazed husband has taken off work the next two days. Although the games do not begin until tomorrow, my bracket has been prepared since Sunday evening. I must say– my multicolored bracket that was so lovingly adorned with sparkley stickers is probably the most beautiful I have ever made. While it might be pretty, I have to say that I have made some risky moves this year. I just hope that my risk-taking pays off and that I once again reign as one of the best bracket-makers ever. (So, that last statement might be a little bit exaggerated, but I do have a relatively good history when it comes to my brackets).

As I was getting swept up in the magic of March Madness on Sunday night, I had several epiphanies:
1. Not one team has chosen pink as one of their colors. What a mistake. There is one team in the tournament whose school colors include purple, and in their honor, I have them going pretty far. (I have since forgotten which team that might be… Maybe Idaho, Illionois, or Indiana… Whoops.) But really– what these teams really need is some PINK in their lives. I might need to notify Coach K.

2. I find it very odd- but very fun at the same time- that there are so many teams with Bulldogs as their mascot. Thankfully, the situation has never arose in which the Bulldogs faced the Bulldogs, or else I would have some major issues in my bracket choices.

3. Year after year, regardless of stats and rankings, I tend to have the same teams in the Elite Eight… and often in the Final Four. I can not reveal this year’s choices, however, for I fear that some overly eager bracket-makers might try to cheat off of my bracket. And that would be bad.

So, here we go. May the stress and shouting that goes along with with this “most wonderful time of the year” bring you much joy to you and your kin.

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