Some days, I must resort to bullet points…

  • Baby “P” is doing better!  He has been released from the hospital and is being cared for in the home of a local pastor and his wife.  Continue to pray!
  • We remain at a standstill until Elizabeth’s passport is prepared.  I’d like to pretend that I’m waiting patiently with a godly attitude 100% of the time, but I cannot tell a lie. This is killing me.  This is the only thing separating us from an embassy appointment and is taking longer than usual… par for the course, people.  (I promise I’m not that cynical and bitter.  I’m just tired- so very tired- of waiting.)
  • Yesterday, I shipped three more big boxes to Rwanda to be taken over to the orphanage in which Elizabeth previously lived!  You guys are phenomenal!
  • Providing care for medically underserved children is one of my great passions, so it’s pretty stinkin’ exciting that I am going to have the opportunity to do exams on all of the children in Elizabeth’s current orphanage!  I’m sure most of them have never been formally evaluated medically, so this will be a bit of an undertaking, but I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s opportunities such as this that remind me that my student loans are well worth it.  (Ask me again when I’m still paying them back at the age of 50.  And then, if I hesitate, ship me back to Africa and have me do some more checkups.  K, thanks.)
  • I have been diligently (okay, sometimes neurotically) working on our huge binder of paperwork that will be presented to the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa, and we only have one more paper to make it complete.  (It’s the paper from USCIS that has our updated fingerprint clearance.  It should arrive any day now…)  Anyway, this binder is an organizational beauty.  If my house bursts in flames today, I will grab my kids and then grab my binder and adoption file.  And y’all think I’m kidding…
  • Finally, in hopes that we’re in Africa for the election (it’s a long-shot, but a girl can dream), I am voting early today!  And I can’t wait to expose my kids to voting today.  In preparation, we had a few mock elections at the dinner table (Luke Skywalker and Snow White won.  Watch out, US of A.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I would totally vote for Snow white too! Nice job Mary Grace!

    Hey now that you have a few boxes down, why dont you tell me the areas where you are lacking in supplies for the kids and I will see what we can do in Richmond 🙂 I would love to get my small group involved if they are willing 🙂

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