It has been one of those days…
I mean, I don’t blame him. The only time he’s been out of the house over the past 48 hours was to get vaccinated against H1N1 yesterday. And this kid needs to get out.

Thankfully, my fabulous friend Katie came to spend the afternoon with us. Although she saved me from utter insanity, I think we might have scared her off from ever bearing children of her own. (Notice Carson’s frog Halloween costume that he refuses to take off despite the beads of sweat that were dripping off of his face. I’d be cranky too if I was wearing that thing all day long.)

Now, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Carson sat himself on the potty to pee this evening without my prompting. Still, it was definitely an “I’m too tired to brush your teeth so I hope your teeth don’t rot out of your head from all of the candy corn I have let you eat these past two days” sorta night. We can always brush tomorrow, right?!

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