Carson, Carson, Carson. What can I say about this eldest child of mine at 34 months of age? Goodness, I could go on forever…

  • For the past few months, Carson has been waking up between 5:30 and 6am. Though I, too, am an early riser naturally, this has been b.r.u.t.a.l for me, as I have always cherished my quiet mornings alone. Now my sacred mornings are stolen away from me by a sweet little voice by our bed saying “I wanna go downstaaaairs.” We’ve tried everything- no naps, later bedtimes, ignoring his pleas to go downstaaaairs… nada. Oh well. If I have to have an early morning PJ date every morning at least it’s with a cute little guy who is liberal with the early morning hugs.
  • Carson is ridiculously into dinosaurs these days. He is totally obsessed with the show “Dinosaur Train” and no joke knows more about dinosaurs and fossils than I do. He is still as happy as a clam with his huge bag of Hot Wheels though.
  • Carson has been a mediocre eater recently which I recognize is 100% normal at this age. Thankfully, he drinks a large “Shrek smoothie” each day… little does he know that I continue to gradually increase the amount of spinach and other random veggies. These have been a lifesaver in reassuring me that he won’t die of scurvy or anything. Oh wait. That won’t happen because he tries to pop his gummy vitamins like they are candy. But that’s for another day.
  • Carson has recently proclaimed that he wants to be a doctor when he grows up so that he can “go to work with mama” on a daily basis. I’ll have the kid who still has separation anxiety at the age of 30. How cute. Really though, he is ridiculous precious when he plays doctor… though his preciousness stops the moment I pull out a legit otoscope to check his ears. Typically just looking in his ears is a three man job. Poor kid has had ear issues for the past, well, nearly three years, and I am finally succumbing to the will of the ENT. Yes, I am hard headed and know full-well that tubes are awesome and a super easy surgery. But stilllll…. so next month we’ll say tata to infected ears forevaaa (I wish).
  • Carson is still gung ho with his “school work”. He soaks in everything you say and will often ask for “more activities”. It takes 2.5 seconds around him to know that he’s a “why kid”. You know the kind. He asks “why?” for everything, and he’ll keep pestering you until you provide a satisfactory answer.
  • He has learned to be very deceptive which scares the you know what out of me. At the age of two, he is already going behind our backs to get what he wants. If one parent says no, he has learned to try the other parent. Nice try, kiddo. We’re onto you.
  • Sometimes I am blown away with how well the child knows and gets the Bible. He’s started to grasp the concept of sin and reiterates on a daily basis, “Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins.” He grasps and remembers his weekly lessons in church and proudly recalls his Bible verses by memory when asked.
  • Carson is very, very, very energetic. Many days I am completely baffled how he goes so strong all day long.
  • I would characterize Carson as slow to warm up. He seems to be intimidated by crowds and often comes off as shy in new situations. But once he has warmed up… watch out. He is definitely an interesting and beautiful mix of both of his parents’ personalities!

Carson brings so much laughter and joy (and exhaustion) in our lives, and I know he’s going to do big things with his life!

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