Perhaps I am irreverent or something, but I found this crib bedding set to be a bit odd. Just something about it seems sorta… not babyish…On the other hand, I adore the Pottery Barn set I am 99% settled on. I think I’ll just get the bumper and maybe a matching crib sheet… but I have learned that the crib skirt and other various pricey accessories are way overrated.
I must say, though, if I had unlimited funds, I think I’d have to go with this Serena & Lily set that practically makes me drool. Notice, I seem to be only considering the pink and green color scheme… and it makes me oh so very happy.And as much fun as I have been having browsing for little girl things, boys can be fun to shop for too! In looking for Carson’s future “big boy bed” bedding (Lord, help us!), Matt and I both love this ultra manly football quilt. I just can’t bare to shell out 160 bucks for a quilt he’ll probably pee or color all over though.So, the search for Carson’s bedding continues. As much as my convictions stand against it, I think we might go down the themed bedding route (i.e. sports or trucks), as I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the boy to sleep in a big bed when the time comes in few months.

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  1. I love the girly prints! Next time you go back to Richmond take a drive to the PB Outlet in Leesburg. They usually have loads of kids bedding.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and green!!! Target also has very fun animal themed bedding now! We all know how much I love target 🙂

  3. Hey Catherine! Matt showed me your blog yesterday and I love it! Remind me to introduce you to Jen Heidorn at church. She made our window treatment, bumper, crib skirt, and rocking chair cushion. I chose all the fabric so I was able to make it cheaper or more expensive based on what we found. She is amazing and I will be using her for the next room as well…

  4. catherine – your blog is hilarious. i also found that first bedding set and was a little put off by it…. and i also considered the pottery barn set and that serena & lily set…. we ended up with two – brian got his ladybugs and i got my pink pottery barn. ive never known a BOY to be so concerned with bedding – is matt like that too? have fun shopping for your little girl!

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