Last Sunday, while I played hookie from church, I tried my darndest to get a cute Christmas card picture of the two kids together. After trying all morning long, I finally gave up. I got a good one of Mary Grace but became so frustrated that I gave up on capturing a good Christmasey shot of Carson. I think God was spiting me for staying home.
Anyway, here are some of the outtakes…Everything is nice and serene…
until big brother comes along.and then this happens.Actually, he is usually really sweet and gentle.But not always.Do you see yetwhy I got so frustrated on Sunday?But then there are moments like thiswhen a smile worthy of a Christmas card shines through.

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  1. oh please please send me one-is that one of your old dresses? cant wait to cuddle her at christmas since i didnt get to at thanksgiving

    aunt beth

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