You know, I’m beginning to wonder about myself. Having grown up in Midlothian, I have always considered myself a complete suburbanite. I had become so accustomed to being able to access just about anything I could possibly want within a several minute drive that I just about flipped a lid when I learned that the closest Panera to us here in Garner would be nearly 20 minutes away.

Well, ever since I have moved here to NC, some switch has been flipped in me. Suddenly, I have felt some weird kind of draw to the country! I have come to love watching the sun rise over the beautiful open farm land on my commute to work in the mornings. I even called Matt last week to tell him that the cotton in the fields have “popped open.” (Clearly, I need to spend more time on a farm to learn the more technical terminology.)

Now before y’all think I have gone over the deep end, rest assured that I have not gone out and bought a pair of Wranglers and a pitchfork. I love the fact that our new house is mere minutes away from grocery stores and good restaurants. However, I also love the fact that we have corn fields and cotton farms just down the road… that we’ll be in a town with a quaint little Main Street… that all of these smaller towns seem to have parades and festivals to celebrate any and every occassion in life… I even get a kick out of having to stop for tractors in the road…I don’t know- it’s just that being a little more “out there” makes me feel like I can breathe a little easier.

Oh, and slightly off-subject, but allow me the chance to let it be known once and for all that the people here are way nicer… way WAY nicer… than in Richmond. And it’s not like Richmond is up north! Hello- it was the capital of the Confederacy! I don’t know what Northerners who move down here think. They’re actually probably creeped out by the niceness encountered everywhere you go here. I, however, am not creeped out. I love it, and it makes me nicer.

So there you go. I’m starting to love corn fields and cotton farms. Maybe I’m getting back to my roots or something. I bet my dad is so proud.