Mary Grace,

What a ride we have been on this past week! You really wanted to send your tenth month of life out with a bang. And lots of bodily fluids. Thankfully, you are back to your normal happy self, though these pictures don’t quite display that. From these pictures, one might assume that you are a serious, quiet baby. Au contraire- you are an absolute goofball and have quite the set of vocal cords on you. It makes me laugh… and sometimes want to cry… how such a small little girl can create such a mess in no time at all. You love to tear every single book of the shelves, disassemble every puzzle we own, and rip up any magazine in sight and will do so in mere seconds. Girl, we have you figured out!Though you have become slightly more picky with foods, you still are a really good little eater. Your face lights up and you give us a good laugh any time you see me peeling a banana or reaching for MumMums. Those are your favorites, for sure. This weekend you ate half of my bowl of Chickfila chicken noodle soap as well as two whole nuggets. You were weaned last week and will be transitioned to whole milk in a sippy cup once my samples of formula run out.

Mary Grace, you totally could walk if you wanted but you seem a little timid of the whole notion. After standing for long periods of time, you will daintily just sit your cute little self back down on the floor and start crawling again. From time to time, you will take a step or two, but that’s definitely been the exception. We can thank your brother for your love of balls, though. Your face lights up when you have one in your hands, and you throw impressively well. To round things out, you also love your dolls which brings your mama so much joy.
When we were in the hospital this past week, you slept on my chest for about two hours while your IV fluids went in. You haven’t done that in many months, so I closed my eyes and drank in that feeling of babyness while it lasted. If there was any redeeming moment of your illness last week, that was it. Hands down.

I love you, baby girl! Get ready for some cake next month!