At 5:30 this morning, I awoke to the most amazing news ever!  Not only has Elizabeth’s passport been picked up, but we have an embassy appointment!!  On November 7th!!  As I’ve mentioned, embassy interviews are typically scheduled at least 3 weeks out, but leave it to the God to knock down any norms or expectations in our adoption.  We’re leaving next week for Kinshasa!  I’m still shaking with excitement.  And now must be in hyperdrive, as I have 1.2 million things to do in the next 10ish days.  (Again, I thought I’d have at least 3 weeks to prepare.  Uh, no.)

One thing though… we have to send our embassy documents to Kinshasa today or (at the very latest) tomorrow to arrive in time for our in-country contact to drop them off at the embassy in 8 days.  Eight days.  One hugely important document, our I-171H (our US government clearance with updated fingerprints) is on a mail truck somewhere in great US of A.  We need that today to send to Kinshasa.  Please pray our I-171H into our mailbox!  Nothing like the last minute.

This is happening, guys!  It’s happening!

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  1. The power of pray is pretty amazing!! Safe travels and I can’t wait to see a picture posted of you finally holding your beautiful little girl!!!

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