OK, so here’s the cool story I promised last night…

As many of you know, I am currently looking for a job. I have already dedicated hours upon hours calling pediatric practices, writing cover letters, and sending resumes, and I have seen countless doors close, as practices are either not hiring or prefer a full-time provider. It is a non-negotiable priority of mine to work part-time, though I recognize this might make my job search a tad more tricky.

On top of contacting every pediatrician’s office in the area, I have also been stalking the websites of everything from big teaching hospitals to psych hospitals… and the Wake County Department of Health. Well, yesterday morning I happened to see that Wake County had added a new job opportunity that made my eyes light up… a part-time pediatric nurse practitioner position doing community health. Not only does a part-time PNP position rarely exist, but community health is one of my biggest interests (some might recall how much I enjoyed my community health work in Gilpin Court of all places during one of my undergraduate courses).

So, in my impatient nature, I wanted to apply immediately. One major factor, however, was preventing me from doing so… for some reason, the Virginia Board of Nursing had not yet received the appropriate information from my certification agency… meaning that I did not yet have a license number… meaning that it would be pointless to submit my application. In frustration, I prayed specifically that the letter from my certification agency would be found sitting on the desk of the lady in charge of licensure.

Here’s the awesome part… so I finally got in touch with this woman who does all NP licensure for the state of Virginia, and she assured me that they had not received anything with my name on it and that I would just have to wait. Before she hung up, though, she added, “let me just double check that it isn’t on my desk with the rest of the mail that came in today.” Well, you guessed it—God took my prayer very literally yesterday and chose to answer it in a very tangible way. Sure enough, the necessary paperwork was sitting on her desk, she agreed to process it right away, my license number was posted when I awoke this morning, and my application has officially been sent.

God is good.

Now I just need to pray for an interview. 🙂

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