Every August, a slight panic overcomes me as I look ahead to the coming holidays. Sure, it’s like gazillion degrees outside and the candy corn hasn’t even made it to the shelves yet, but it’s just the way I roll. I blame this on my mom. Year after year, she would have her Christmas shopping done ridiculously far in advance, and I guess I just figured that was the norm. I now fully embrace the fact that my family is highly unusual in more ways than our gift purchasing habits.

Anyway, I am in the process of working through my Christmas list, full steam ahead, and it has put me in quite the festive mood. Since we all know tis the season to be jolly, this little elf has been working on these super cute Christmasey bows. Now, don’t these just make you want to start your Christmas lists as well?

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  1. you should make mary grace one but attach a jingle bell to it. that way you could hear her when she sneaks off from you!

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