It’s been a BIG week around these parts.  Because, y’all, this happened…


I know!  He looks far too sweet and innocent to start Kindergarten, right?!  I think so, too.  My biggest hang-up about sending him off to school?…

That he will learn the word “butt”.

He still says “hiney”, and I love that about him.


Oh, Carson, stay cute and innocent and sweet forever!  Don’t listen to those friends of yours!  It’s “hiney”! Really!  And his backpack?  You know, that thing that’s half his size?  Don’t you dare mention it to him.  He’s in mourning that he doesn’t have a Ninja Turtle backpack just like his oh-so-cool new BFF.  Sorry, kid.  Ya win some, ya lose some.  And I wasn’t about to budge on the monogram.


Tomorrow is Day Three, and he loves it so far.  He has an awesome teacher at a fabulous charter school, and we’re all beyond thrilled.  Thrilled and tired.  Tired because the OMG-I-have-a-kindergartener insomnia has kicked in this week, and this is the time I’ve been waking up.  The coffee was brewing in our house at 4am today, people.  This is just wrong.


On the bright side, though, it has allowed for plentiful unrushed pictures to document this momentous occasion.


Have you ever seen a kid happier to go to school??


Though this blue-eyed wonder might have given him a run for his money.  She’s been looking forward to her new preschool class since she found out they say the pledge every morning.  Girl is obsessed with the Pledge of Allegiance, y’all.  Future president dictator maybe?


Elizabeth is doing great in her new class as well.  She has a best friend who calls her ‘Lil Bit.  I mean, really?!  Could that be any more adorable??


Happy first days of school, everyone!!


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