1. I spent naptime yesterday surrounded by a sea of grosgrain ribbon, hair clips, and my hot glue gun. That’s right- I decided that it was high time that I learned how to make hair bows… as if I don’t have enough to do during my free time as it is. My first bow was less than stellar, but I think I am improving! I couldn’t wait to show them to Matt, but all I got out of him was, “They’re kinda big.”
  2. While in Michael’s, gathering the necessary supplies for my aforementioned craftiness, a lady was totally pushing her poofy little dog in a dog stroller! Maybe I live in a cave or something, but I had no clue people actually did this. If you push your dog in a stroller, I hope I am not being terribly offensive. I just don’t get it. Carson was confused out of his mind, and I continued to glance over at them to ensure that I wasn’t hallucinating.
  3. Last night, as I was getting Carson ready for bed, he looked at me and said, “Mama, me like Target.” I asked him what he liked about Target, and he responded “all the cool things.” “Cool things?” I asked. And that’s when he said, “Uh huh! Shoes and pajamas!” He might look like his daddy, but that’s totally proof that he’s my kid too.
  4. I have become a crazy mailman stalker. Well, I kinda have always been one, but my stalking has reached new heights. There is some important paperwork that I need before I can do even more paperwork, and I cross my fingers and toes each day in hopes that it might be here. When it does arrive, I might just give Mr. Mailman a smooch. Kidding, Matt. Totally kidding.
  5. Our neighborhood pool officially opened today, but Matt and I refuse to let Carson in on the secret just yet. Once he knows, this is all we will hear about, and neither of us is ready for that quite yet. Is it really pool season already?