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Mary Grace,

Truthfully, I can’t help but chuckle as I sit down to write this post because to sum you up in mere words simply can’t be done.  We have been known to describe you as a force, Mary Grace.  And now, The Force is four.

Mary Grace, you. are. hilarious.  Seriously one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met.  Sarcasm and sass and general ridiculousness flow from your lips so naturally that it’s sometimes frightening.  You’re loud and animated and still speak with some sort of eastern European accent.  You’re highly convincing in your borderline-manipulative ways of getting people on board with your plans and desires.  Take last week for example when you nearly convinced me to let you watch extra TV, claiming “Jake [and the Neverland Pirates] reminds me of God, mommy.  So I need to watch it so I can think about God more.”  Well played, my child.  I’m thinking you’d make a great attorney one day.  Or perhaps a dictator.  We shall see.

You’re a little bundle of energy and you live life big, loud, and colorful.  You take imaginative play to the next level and spend most of your days assuming the identity of a pirate, a princess, a mommy, or a ninja.  Ya know, just covering all of your bases.    You will not be forced into a mold, and I love that about you.  May you always, always be this confident in who God created you to be.


Hands down, you are my messiest child.  I think I’ve given up on my hopes of you maintaining a spotless bedroom because, after all, you never cease to have a genuine purpose and plan for the chaotic state of your room.  When I recently found your jewelry box stuffed full of old acorns, you quickly reassured me that you were storing them to provide food for the squirrels in the winter.  You won.  Again.  However, let’s not even talk about the time you secretly hid POOP in your room for days on end in hopes that your mystery stench would keep the rest of us out of your personal space.  Oh wait…

All poop stories aside, it’s so fun to watch you continue to grow up.  Mary Grace, you are generous, helpful, kind and you play well with others.  And oh the laughter you bring to our home.  One of my greatest joys over the past year has been watching you assume the role as big sister to Elizabeth.  You are so loving and protective of her, and just this week, you have graciously decided that you would potty-train her yourself.  I have three words for you: go for it.  

You love pirates, princesses, and your “Baby Deluga”.  You would be perfectly content to play outside all day every day.  You love turkey sandwiches, grapes, hummus, and Buffalo Wild Wings.  You smell everything, and you maintain a running commentary on the smell of all things.  When you grow up, you want to be a pirate.  And you still prefer to bang your head on the floor to fall asleep at night.  It’s pretty special.

Mary Grace, sweet girl, you are such a gift, and we are crazy in love with you.  I am praying that God will use your energy and fervor for His glory.  I can hardly wait to see what He does with your life.

Happy fourth birthday, big girl!