I am really loving Carson’s age right now. Although he is keeping us ridiculously busy during the day and exhausted at night, I just love watching him develop into a little boy and really get a kick out of his personality. The child is far from angelic, however. It is really pretty eye opening to see sin rear its ugly head at such a young age. For instance, Carson understands “no”. He’ll be doing something wrong, I’ll say “no”, and he will look me square in the eyes and shake his head along with me. Then, as soon as I turn around, he’ll go right back to the forbidden fruit. He’s just so darn cute when he does this stuff that I force myself to stifle my giggles. However, not wanting to raise a little hellion, I have taken matters into my own hands. Off to the library we went to check out “The Strong-willed Child”. I figured I was practically raised on Dobson and turned out alright. So here I am, coming full circle. I must add- I also checked out “The Happiest Toddler on the Block”… not so sure how those two will go together.

In other Carson news…

– I have finally figure out how to get him to eat veggies- either I have to hide them in hummus or cover them in mashed potatoes. Works like a charm every time.

– The kid is majorly obsessed with rocks. I sat outside with him this afternoon for what must have been an hour watching him meticulously transfer one rock after another from his truck to his wagon to the ground… and then he just about flipped out when I would not let him bring his rock stash back into the house.

– In efforts to somewhat break Carson from his paci, we are now limiting its use to the crib. Now, when we get him up from his crib, he will often take the paci out himself, wave to it, and say “byebye”. Cutest thing ever!

– For some odd reason, Carson has started to call me “mama” with the accent on the second “ma”. It makes him sound like a little French kid or something.

– My lovely husband has taught our son a new game. When pillows are lying on the floor, Carson will take a running leap and nosedive into the pillow. He’ll do it again and again and again. It looks like he’s going to break his face- and he just might one day.

Like I said, this little bundle of energy keeps our hands full but also fills our house with abundant laughter and love. I would not trade my life of snotty noses, stinky diapers, and constant activity for anything.

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  1. …but what do you hide the nasty hummus in? and you think you turned out just ‘alright’? i think you turned out to be a spectacular young woman of god! who’s your momma?

  2. cath, reread lisa’s comment. you never answered her question… not to pat myself on the back or anything…..

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