I have come to a very important realization in recent weeks. Allow me to provide a little background…

Last week, I burnt the heck out of the falafels I was making for dinner. Instead of trashing them, I scraped the charred portion off and stuffed the remains into pitas. Good enough.

Yesterday morning, just as I passed Mary Grace off to Matt before I walked out the door, I looked down and noticed a line of spit up streaming down my right pants leg. Already running late, I quickly washed it off and headed out the door with one spitty wet leg. Good enough.

Last night, Carson snotted all over our bed (yes, “snot” is now a verb) but instead of changing the sheets at 3am, I dabbed it off and went back to sleep. Good enough (especially since it was Matt’s side of the bed and not mine).

Instead of becoming concerned about our health and hygiene habits, please be advised that I have learned that this “good enough” mentality brings so much liberation. Now, obviously I still cling to my perfectionist tendencies and believe wholeheartedly that we should strive for excellence in most things… but in these smaller issues like burned food, spit, and snot, I am perfectly satisfied with good enough.