God provides the grace I need for each moment of each day.  Today, this came through a random Facebook album of pictures (and, let’s be real, a stop by Krispy Kreme this morning for hot, FREE donuts).  Anyway, as I scanned through Facebook this evening, I noticed that one of the amazing women who has helped us along this adoption process was tagged in an album containing pictures from Congo.  So, naturally, I clicked through.  Through picture after picture of landscapes and children and pitifully malnourished babies.

And then, among the other faces, I saw her.  Our baby girl!  Standing up in her crib.  The crib with the peeling green paint that still stands in the corner of the room.  Still no smile, but looking happier than we’ve ever seen her. It was a bizarre feeling to see our child’s face posted along with all of the other pictures of Congolese orphans.  It just didn’t seem to fit.  It wasn’t right.  Because, in my mind, she is no longer an orphan.  Though the law has yet to declare her as such, I still view her as ours.

In a random Facebook album posted by an absolute stranger, I saw our little Elizabeth.  And I saw hope.  Thank you, Lord.