Today we attended the annual egg hunt for the town of Clayton. Holy moly, it was packed! I think the whole town came out for the festivities. I had a couple of realizations from our experiences today:

1. For my toddler, big, shiny trucks are way more impressive than a sketchy looking Easter Bunny. As a grand finale to the egg hunt, the Easter Bunny himself rolled up in a firetruck, sirens wailing and all. Carson could have cared less about the Easter Bunny but is still jabbering on about how he sat in the firetruck. Boys.

2. I am way more competitive than I thought. I told Matt yesterday that he should practice the art of hunting eggs while I was gone. (They didn’t). And then when we got there, I had a little pep talk with Carson and instructed him to stick to the perimeters since most of the kids would be heading straight to the middle of the field. He stared at me blankly.

3. At least I’m not as bad as some parents, though! The lady in charge of this joyous event made it very clear over the loudspeaker that “Parents are not to hunt eggs themselves! This is for the young’uns. So let those young’uns have the eggs, not you.” Matt accompanied Carson while I stayed back with Mary Grace, and he said that a ton of parents didn’t get the message and were going nuts grabbing them for themselves.

4. Matt totally doesn’t get girl’s fashion. He glanced at Mary Grace’s dress and stated, “Wow. Those are big bows on her dress.” I simply responded, “Yeah, and the bows in her hair are just gonna get bigger.”

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  1. Yes for big bows!!!!! And Zeke would totally be the same way about the truck over the bunny

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