I just went almost four entire days without the internet. Who knew it was possible? No, I did not time travel back to the dark ages, but I did pack up the Jeep and kiddos and headed up to spend the weekend on the Rappahannock River with my parents and friends. It was beyond fabulous. Their house is nestled on an old plantation right on the river. It’s like cornstalks meet crab pots. Tons of land for Carson to run and lots of water to splash around in. Not to mention three ultra capable and willing girls to watch Carson while I, well, didn’t. Now I’m in Midlothian for another day while I enjoy a lunch date and dinner date and a date with the dentist to have a cavity filled. Not to whine or anything, but have I mentioned how much I miss Richmond? Okay, that’s enough of that.

Where is Matt during all of these festivities, you ask? Well, let me just tell you. My sweet husband is helping out at kid’s camp for 2nd through 5th graders. An overnight camp. On a college campus. With eight to eleven year olds. Close your eyes and envision that for a second. Now open them really fast because I don’t want you to have nightmares tonight. My husband is a saint.

In other news…
Mary Grace is nine months old today.

I have a large bump on my forehead where I smacked the heck out of my head in the dark last night.

I am secretly hoping that I will come home from Virginia to find our FBI and CIS clearance both waiting for me in our mailbox. Ain’t gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

That is all for tonight. I’m off to hit the sack. And here at my parent’s house, the sack is a king sized bed all. to. myself. Blissssss.

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