This week, I was stopped at The Longest Stoplight Ever, annoyed that I had been sitting there for an eternity and irritated at my queasiness. So, since it was seriously the longest stoplight ever, I decided to grab a stray church bulletin that was littering my car to jot down some things that actually make me happy. Yes, this was quite a conscious effort at trying to turn my mood around… and it worked! In fact, just typing this list even makes me smile.

So, without further ado, 25 things that make Catherine happy:

1. James Taylor (does this make me like 55 years old??)
2. Frozen cool whip
3. Toile
4. Carson in PJ’s and his bedtime routine
5. Modern medication
6. Beth Moore
7. Boneless skinless chicken breasts (because I would have no idea what to do with a whole chicken)
8. Jelly beans and Peeps
9. Five Dolla Footlongs
10. Antibacterial hand gel
11. Thoughts of the beach
12. Dawson’s Creek (don’t hate on me because of this one… I’m just being honest)
13. Flavored decaf coffee
14. My new green raincoat
15. Magazines… any kind
16. Anything monogrammed
17. Tulips
18. Pretty stationary
19. My new little Bible
20. The smell and feel of new books
21. Getting my itchy back scratched at night by my fabulous husband
22. African accents
23. Grosgrain ribbons
24. The Sunday paper
25. The smell of clean laundry

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  1. 26. Thinking of baby names. My personal favorite: if it’s a girl: Susan Lisa Allison. Lovely.

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