Do not fret, Chloe can keep her eye!! First off, let me just explain that every entrance into the vet’s office is a grand affair with Chloe. She loves that place, loves the other animals there and loves the fact that the receptionist always supplies her with copious treats while she waits. I blame that receptionist on the fact that I have an overweight pooch on my hands. Anyway, our entrance was even grander today as I tried to keep up with Chloe while still managing to navigate a fussy baby in the stroller. Things were further complicated by the fact that I had become convinced that they would have to remove Chloe’s pitiful eye, and I was already calculating those vet bills in my head.

As the vet checked her out, I held my breath, waiting for the bad news. What she got, instead, was the diagnosis of conjunctivitis. Whew. Doggy pinkeye. Now, that I can deal with.