The other day, I took Carson into TJ Maxx in hopes that I could find a bathing suit.

No luck with the swimwear, but somehow we managed to leave the store with Carson’s new BFF, The Huge Yellow Duck.
I don’t want to neglect Gargini, so here’s a quick update. I am finally beginning to feel much better and have dramatically cut down on my zofran intake. I had an OB appointment this week and was sort of blah about the doctor I happened to see this time around. Not only did I feel semi-chastized for opting out of the genetic screenings, but he proceeded to be super chatty about antihistamines while unsuccessfully searching for my baby’s heartbeat! As my own heart just about stopped, I wanted to say “please shut up and just find the stinkin heartbeat” but I used my better judgment. He resorted to whipping out the ultrasound and immediately saw the little bambino’s heart flickering away and little legs kicking. The meanie also refused to look for genitalia, per my request. We’ll find out the sex in just a few weeks, so I suppose I can wait. Finally, below is Matt’s doing- I have never been that into “belly shots”, but he periodically insists. So, here I am at 15 weeks… and fitting into fewer and fewer pants by the day.

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  1. I opted out of the genetic screening too. I figured they wouldnt be able to do anything about it and nothing was going to change my mind about the baby. Some people just dont understand 🙂

    ps… i have a maternity bathing suit i only wore 2 times that is all yours if you want it!

  2. have you tried LL Bean? I feel like they would have really cute suits. But maybe I’m just an old lady before my time.

    You’re such a cute pregnant lady? Remember freshman year when we used to talk about that…I do for some reason. Oh the little memories we tuck away!

  3. Yeah, Victoria- that might be effective in blending in with the African wildlife at least?!

    And I found one yesterday at the Gap Outlet! Yay!!

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