Something has really been on my mind recently. Some of this stems from hearing about the amazingness of the Together for Adoption Conference a few weeks ago, and some overflows from a heated conversation that I have been following on the Rwanda adoption yahoo group of which I am a member. Without going into all of the details, the controversy involves the act of “pulling strings” to get ahead in one’s own adoption.

And it got me thinking… “our orphan”, Wyatt, is no more loved by God than the other 143 million orphans worldwide. Sure, I am beyond willing to bend over backwards and then some to get this child home, but what about the others? Am I as thrilled about those families at the top of the list getting referrals because their children are coming home, or is all about me? Is it about other sweet Rwandan children being placed in families, or do I spend more time calculating how the move affects our stance in line? Is it about the orphans, or am I just looking out for personal gain?

Sure, it’s a tough line to draw. I just hold tight to Proverbs 4:23 which urges us to “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” I know myself and my natural tendencies. And excuse me for the offense, but I bet you’re no different. Left to ourselves, we’re all out for our own good. We live in a society where the message drilled into our heads from a young age is to do whatever it takes to make you happy and to bring you success. “It’s all about you,” society screams. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with happiness and success- both of which I believe please God- the question at hand is for whom am I living?

Before I steer this way off topic, let me get back to adoption. When we set out on this wild journey, we did not do so simply to “get a kid”. Believe me, there are easier ways to do that. No, we did so because we believe with every fiber of our beings that we have been adopted by God and have been called to “go and do likewise” for the fatherless. And when I am tempted to stay focused on “my orphan”, I am thankful for gentle reminders that it’s not about me. To be perfectly honest, it’s not even about our Wyatt. It’s about the One who created each and every individual as a sacred display of His glory.

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  1. beautiful blog, cath. on the lighter side, today i went to the same aerobics class that i have gone to for 20 years. but suddenly, it has become African drumming class. Figuring God has quite the sense of humor I made a total fool of myself, prancing, dancing, drumming. So, while other grandmas are knitting, crocheting, cooking, scrapbooking, Wyatt's mimi is learning some drumming, just for him. our family may be a little weird, wyatt, but we love you already and we are getting READY for you!

  2. Love love love your insight—have you ever thought of becoming the next Beth Moore??? I would def pay to hear your ideas (that is if you stopped blogging-because now I can get them for free). And Libby-congrats on the new addition-Christmas should be really crazy this year.


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