Ah, the long-awaited wedding post.  So, my dear friend since middle school got married this weekend!  Katie and I saw each other grow up through our years attending St. Michael’s, Trinity, and W&M together, so it was such an honor to stand next to her as one of her bridesmaids.  And, uh, it didn’t hurt that we stayed in this amazingly beautiful bed and breakfast (though I’m not sure you could call the Duke Mansion a B&B.  just doesn’t seem to do it justice.)

The rehearsal dinner was at a beautiful old church-turned-restaurant in Charlotte.  Here, we see Elizabeth and Erin looking gorgeous per usual.

And then, between the primping and prepping and picturing and all other wedding festivities, my picture taking becomes virtually non-existent.  I also knew that Katie’s photographer is phenomenal which meant my point-and-click pics were more than superfluous.  But at least I got one picture of the happy couple here (and the beautiful cake! and the inside of the Duke Mansion! and, oh my, isn’t katie’s dress stunning?).

And here we see the other happy couple.  The couple who was enjoying every single nanosecond of living in luxury sans kids for an entire weekend.  It was glorious, my friends.  Simply glorious.

The Trinity girls, all grown up.  Somehow, we have managed to land in five different cities, from Richmond to LA, and yet it always seems like we can pick up where we left off.  From AP Chem to weddings and babies, we have been through one heck of a ride together.  Thanks for getting married, Adam and Katie, for it seems as though it takes a wedding to get us all together these days!

Overall, it was an unbelievably fun weekend of celebration in honor of one of my very best friends.  Congrats, Katie and Adam!  Love you guys!