I feel like this week has been a blur. In fact, I feel like life has been one big blur ever since we signed the contract on our house last week. It is finally starting to set in that we’re leaving this city. The city that I have called home my entire life and that Matt has lived in for the past 10 years. The city in which our parents all live. The home that has seen us through being newlyweds and brand new parents. We have loved this house, we love our neighbors, and we really love our ultra-convenient location. However, it is time to move on.

Unfortunately, this act of “moving on” involves quite a bit of sweat and tears (I don’t know if there have been any tears yet, but I promise there will be before it’s all said and done).

One huge hurdle we had to cross occurred on Monday of this week. The Inspection. Dundundun…. We were so terrified that the menacing Inspector Man would tell us that our roof is caving in or that our entire house is rotted or something equally awful. Fortunately, it went as well as we could have expected. There are some silly, nitpicky things that we have to do (like move two sticks out from under the house. Really, are you kidding me??) and a couple slightly more involved (read: more pricey) fixes we have to make, but all in all, we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the inspection.

Hurdle number two of the week involved our realization that we really needed to get a move on our hunt for a place to live in NC. We began to pour over MLS listings and we were all set to drive down there this weekend to find our dream home. Well, on Wednesday morning, we both decided that it would be a wise decision to wait a bit before purchasing another home. A number of factors led us up to this decision—primarily the great unknown regarding Matt’s job situation down there while he is in school. So, the mature decision makers we are (ha), we decided to pay a deposit and lock in an awesome rate for a six month lease of a three bedroom apartment in Garner, NC. This all transpired within about a two hour block of time… some say that we are impulsive decision makers, but I am completely confident that this was the smartest decision for us.

Now, I’m really starting to get into the moving mindset. I’m throwing things out left and right and have already made several big trips to Goodwill. Next up: hunting down cheap moving boxes and starting the arduous task of packing. Ugh.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

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  1. definitely check craigs list for moving boxes…i’ve seen people listing them there…

  2. Abberly Place is a great choice! I have always thought that the pool looks neat, but I haven’t been to the community yet.

    I work at the corporate office for HHHunt, the company that manages Abberly Place and another community you should recognize… Foxridge!

    Enjoy and good luck with the move! ~Sarah McHugh

  3. hi guys, I am a long ago friend of Matt’s (from four mile creek, I’m Horton’s big sis). My inlaws live in Selma (near Garner), and my husbands aunt & uncle live in Garner. If you need anything, please let me know and I can get you hooked up with them. They are great people. You have a beautiful little boy, and my mom (Denise) and I certainly enjoyed his latest little video! Take Care

  4. Sarah, that’s so good to hear… though I might second guess myself now that I know HHHunt also runs Foxridge! 🙂

    Lori, thanks so much! We might just be hitting you up in the future for their contact info!

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