It was like Christmas this morning. Carson has been begging me to teach him to read for a while now, so I purchased this book after reading rave reviews on Amazon. It arrived on our doorstep last night, and Carson woke up this morning ready and raring to go. “Okay! Time for my reading book!” he said. He rocked the first few lessons this morning, and I’m hoping he maintains this enthusiasm as things get tougher. Having been the reportedly nerdy kid who preferred to sit on the side of the pool powering through workbook pages rather than swimming on hot summer afternoons, it gives me a teensy (okay, a ridiculously large) amount of pleasure to see the legacy living on. See, I told you he had my genes after all…

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  1. WOW. My Mom taught us to read using that book…and I remember LOVING reading lessons too :)She would cover up the picture with a Post-It note and we could look at it after we read the story. Typing that makes me realize how much of a nerd I was/still am 🙂

    Keep us posted on how it goes.

    Way to go, Carson!

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