While Matt was being wined and dined at a conference this week, I used the opportunity to spend a few days back “home” in Midlothian. (I, by the way, can’t figure out where “home” is, though I am still new enough to NC that I still tend to view Midlo as my home.)

One of the highlights of our trip for Carson was our visit to our family friends’ farm. He could not get enough of the donkeys, practically made out with the horses, and even busted his lip as a result of running a little too fast from one stable to the next.

Going with the animal theme, we watched a cute little puppy belonging to my mom’s friend for a little while one morning. Well, Carson took it upon himself to walk this poor dog around and was very serious about his leash-holding responsibilities. Oh, and allow me to point out the harmless looking guitar in his right hand in the picture below. Looks can be deceiving because this guitar, so lovingly gifted to Carson by my thoughtful parentals, will officially be the bane of my existence as long as he is obsessed with it. It’s loud, he won’t stop playing it, and it is probably indestructible. Thanks mom and dad. šŸ™‚

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  1. Who’s the hot mama with Carson in the 3rd picture? She’s not old enough to be a grandma!

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