Yesterday, I somehow stumbled across a website for a family who owns a miniature horse farm just twenty minutes away from where we live. Well, let me just say, as soon as I laid by eyes on the website, I knew I had to visit. These were just about the cutest animals I had ever seen, and better yet, you can buy your very own horse for the same price we paid for Chloe!! You know, as much as I love our dog, I gotta admit, a horse might be a tad cooler. (I feel guily admitting that, but it’s the truth.)
Anyway, this horse farm is family owned, and the amazingly kind couple gives tours to any visitor who calls and sets up an appointment. Well, set up an appointment I did, and we went on the most exciting excursion EVER this afternoon to the Banks Miniature Horse Farm. Oh my goodness, it was love at first sight. These horses are the nicest, most gentle, pint sized little creatures I’ve ever seen, and I left begging Matt to give me one for Christmas. He seems to think that the management of our apartment wouldn’t be too keen on the idea, but I am still obsessed.
It was really no surprise that Carson loved the place, as well. He not only pet a ton of horses, but he even pet his first donkey (!) and llama (!!). I told Matt to let him ride the donkey so he could “be just like Jesus”, but we decided to use our better judgment and keep him in our arms.