Traditionally, Congolese mamas wear their babies on their backs everywhere they go.  Elizabeth is just doing her part in ensuring that we maintain her culture, for on a nightly basis this is the only way I can get any cooking done.  Wearing an almost two year old.  The moment she sees the Ergo coming out, Elizabeth books it on over to me, tightly wraps her arms around my shoulders, and prepares for another night of not-so-gourmet cooking with her mama.  And every night the cuteness factor wins me over.  Every darn night.

P.S. I look really tired here don’t I?  Don’t lie.  I do.  Because, people, this is how the average mother of three looks (or at least feels) by 6pm.  Just in case you were wondering.  You’re welcome.

4 Comments on maintaining the culture… and breaking my back.

  1. I was actually thinking that your house is AMAZINGLY clean for a brand new mother of three. Holy cow woman! How are you doing everything?

  2. ha! I’m with Laurina. Simultaneously, I noted how cute Elizabeth is, and how clean your house looks.

  3. All the stuff mentioned in above comments. Aaand you look showered and in real clothes. Two things that rarely happen on the same day in these parts 😉

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