Meet Gargini. Here’s what we know about him/her so far:
1. Gargini is singular and not plural. I had been having recurrent thoughts about the possibility of twins solely based on my nausea and am honestly a little relieved that I’m carrying only one little bambino.
2. Gargini is doing wonderfully and is due on October 12th.
3. According to my sources, Gargini is now the size of a kumquat.
4. My doctor seems to think Gargini is a girl, but we shall see in another eightish weeks.

I am so grateful that our sweet little baby is growing and developing so perfectly. I am also super thankful that I am now headed to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription for zofran. I am already prepared for the fact that I will be paying an arm and a leg for this prescription, but it is going to be oh-so-worth it!!

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  1. hooray! thanks for sharing the ultrasound. And yes, this is my third comment on your blog today. I’m in superstalker mode.

  2. That is SO exciting guys!!! What is making the dr. think girl? It will be so fun to find out boy/girl…I know Carson is going to love having another little person around! We miss you guys!!!! ~Heather & Tim

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