It’s Monday night. Which means I’m pooped from a busy “quick, my kid has been sick all weekend and must be seen now and I mean now” workday. And Matt’s studying at McDonald’s. Yes, Matt frequents the golden arches on a weekly basis to do school work and drink unlimited refills of Dr. Pepper. Wait, have I mentioned that Matt is done with seminary in nine months? Nine. Sweet. Months. Sure, he has a stupid amount of work to accomplish between now and then, but I take great joy in knowing that the next tuition check will pay will (hopefully) be that of my own children.

Speaking of children, Carson is attempting a night in underwear! He’s been potty trained during the day for a year and a half but continues to wake up with a soaked diaper. And I am sick of buying him diapers. So, I slapped some additional padding on top of his sheets, promised various options of bribery, and hoped for the best. Carson has already taken full advantage of this opportunity and has gotten out of bed approximately 67 times in the past hour to pee. Here’s hoping for a miracle… and a little extra wiggle room in our budget from fewer diapers!

And Mary Grace? The child is obsessed with ranch dressing, thanks to her daddy. And by obsessed, I mean obsessed. As in screams and moans and whines and points and cries at the fridge until you concede. Oh, and everything is dip worthy. Chocolate chip pancakes with ranch? Delish! Peanut butter, jelly, and ranch? A winning combination!

In other news…

  • Matt and I got a date day on Saturday! Thanks to, yes, Sarah and Lauren. As in the angels sent from Chapel Hill. Who knew angels came out of Chapel Hill?! Typically they don’t, but these do. The great day ended with a wonderfully predicable and entirely enjoyable chick flick, Just Go With It. I loved it, and Matt liked it (“for a chick flick”). I suppose it will be another two years before we make it out to the movies again…
  • I’m obsessed with Eloise Wilkin, the author and illustrator of those classic Little Golden Book stories of sweet children with wispy hair and pudgy little fingers and toes. Her name alone makes me smile. Eloise. I look at the kids illustrated in the pages of her books and think to myself, “I want him. and her. and him and him and her.” The stories are just so simple and classic and so darn sweet. Upon recently hearing of my obsession with these books, my mom had this sent to Mary Grace today. We read over half of the treasury tonight, and I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the entire time.
  • Does anyone else crave sweatpants? Yes, you can crave sweats.
  • I like almond milk. Like, really like. I have always semi-tolerated but never, ever enjoyed cow’s milk. Because, as y’all know, I have some issues with animal products. But, people, I actually found myself enjoying almond milk! It was creamy and good and full of calcium. And now, as I pass the 50 million cows on my way to work, I don’t have to avoid looking them in the eyes in fear of awkward feelings.
  • Speaking of farm animals, Carson is on a sheep kick. The kid wants a sheep. A baa-ing, wooly, white animal. To ride! Ha! The child cried this morning when I kindly informed him that people don’t ride sheep. I guess he gets it honestly, though. I mean, I am still dying for a pot bellied pig. But Carson is also already asking for “bacon, lots of bacon” for his birthday this year. Which brings two thoughts to mind: 1. what three year old asks for bacon for his birthday? and 2. I might want to keep my pot bellied pig far away from him.
  • There was some big news that came out about Rwandan adoptions today. The news is kind of blah, and I just don’t want to go there right now. I know, I’m such a jerk for leaving you hanging, but I’ll try to revisit this conversation tomorrow after my agency conference call. Why can’t international adoptions ever be easy???

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the overnight undies adventure went.
    Zeke dips everything in ketchup, doritos, oreos, pancake, everything, it's GROSS
    We had friends over to dinner (read: the husbands went and got Pei Wei for the adults and Wendy's for the kids) and their son had a bacon cheeseburger, Spence told him bacon is like ketchup and can be put on everything. Maybe my hubby has been hanging with your kiddo…

  2. 1. what three year old asks for bacon for his birthday?

    Answer: a kid who lives in johnston county, NC – that's who! YUMMY bacon! I mean, you are close to Smithfield, you have to like the bacon!

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