Sometimes even the heavy-duty packaging tape just doesn’t cut it.

That’s the point I found myself recently with my Bible. Yes, that’s correct. My copy of the holy Word of God was being held together (inadequately) by packaging tape. I knew I needed a new one, but I’m really weird when it comes to getting new Bibles. I just become way too attached to my copies of Scripture to justify spending money for a stiff cover and unwrinkled pages. I mean, my blue compact sized hardcover NIV Study Bible (which is no longer in print, might I add) was broken in. It had traveled with me across the globe, had seen me through the toughest and most joyful times in my life, and had already been marked up by my overzealous pen. We were bonded, but alas, the relationship had to end.

After one of our last Sundays at our church in Richmond, a couple in our Sunday School class approached me and Matt with a gift. As I unwrapped the box, they explained that the gift was primarily intended for me. Now, that really peaked my interest. Sure enough, they had given us (me) a beautiful new leather study Bible. As Bobby acknowledged that he had taken note of the pitiful state of my old copy and wanted to give me a new one as a goodbye token, I was nearly brought to tears and humbly accepted the gift.

I have to admit, I did not immediately begin using my new gift. It sat in its box for nearly a week as I said my goodbyes to my taped together copy of Scripture. I am happy to say, however, that I am slowly breaking this one in and am eager to see what God has in store for me and my family during the era of this new Bible.