Carson buddy,

These years- they just keep flying right on by, don’t they?  NINE.  Nine years ago, you tumbled onto the scene and into this world at about five in the morning.  And nearly every single morning since then, you’ve been awake and bright eyed at that same way-too-early 5am hour.  Ready to take on the world.


So, what does the world of nine year old Carson look like?   Well, it looks a whole lot like Minecraft, Pokemon, those ridiculous “Stampylonghead” YouTube videos (OHMYGOSH, Carson.  You know how I feel about these.), and books.  Oh the books.  You devour words and pages like a madman, and it’s a legit challenge to keep up with you.

img_2018-1In many ways, you’ve always been a pretty risk-averse kid.  However, all of that flies out the window when it comes to climbing.  You scale trees and buildings and walls like it’s no thing.  This past summer, you went straight-up missing at a friend’s cookout.  We couldn’t find you anywhere.  Until we looked up.  Way up.  More than thirty feet up in a tree where you were just chilling, happy as a little lark. Dude, you’re shaving years off of my life.  Maybe you can keep your feet on the ground just for one little day?  K, thanks.

img_1982You’re a deep thinker and a big feeler.  You’re an introvert through and through, and you thrive on stability, routine, and being home.  I just have NO IDEA who you get this from.  Ahem.

You prefer having a few close friends and you hold those friends close.  Caden and Noble are your best buds once again this year, and I pray they will be for many years.  Because, Carson, here’s the thing.  You keep begging for a baby brother.  And, I hate to break this to you on your big day, but that JUST ISN’T HAPPENING, YO.  (Love ya, mean it.  Oh, and happy birthday.)


Man, Carson. You’re such a cool kid, and it’s an absolute joy to watch you grow up.  I pray that God keeps your heart soft and kind in a world that’s often anything but.  I love you and am crazy proud of the big kid you’re becoming.

Happy 9th birthday, buddy.