Something happens when you have kids. Overnight, the family pet takes the backburner. A little sad, yes, but it’s just the natural progression of things. Perhaps when I am an empty nester in 20ish years, I will be able to elevate our dog to a position of near royalty once again, but in the meantime, Chloe will enjoy any attention she can get.

So, Chloe, I know you have had it rough recently. We have been forced into imposing a strict diet on you, you have a toddler boy constantly barking orders at you, and the highlight of your month is probably your heartworm pill. Not to mention the sidewalk chalk and Gerber puffs that fill your belly on a daily basis. Although our actions may not always show it, we really do love you. So in honor of you today, I hope that sidewalk chalk that you are eating right this second is extra tasty.

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  1. Totally happened with our sweet dog Kayla. I feel so bad for the poor thing…

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