So yesterday, I had to run to the Johnston County Courthouse during my lunch break to request a criminal clearance on us. I headed to the clerk’s office which was packed to the max. When I asked an employee what line I needed to be in for my background check, he pointed straight to the line that was clearly and boldly labeled “CRIMINAL”.

Are you kidding me?

Here I was, in my scrubs, probably surrounded by quite a few family members of my patients… and I had to be in the line for criminals?

My mind started running wild as I waited. I just knew that everyone would leave our practice, thinking that their baby’s provider was a convict. And then I would get fired. And then we would live a poor and destitute life forever.

I think everything turned out okay, though. I very intentionally kept my adoption papers out in clear view, practically waving them around as if to say “Hey! I’m a good guy, not a convict! See! I’m adopting an orphan!” I graciously received our documents and booked it out of there as quickly as I could, hopefully without being recognized.

God uses some of the funniest circumstances to humble me sometimes…