My blog has been quiet this week, and this can only mean one thing. Craziness! My life has been even busier than usual, thus the poor blog suffers. No lie, I have had the Veggie Tales “Busy, Busy” song stuck in my head all. week. long. Because that’s how I feel. Busy. And a tad (okay a lot) stressed.

As much as we have going on, I was not going to abandon my plans to make it out to the pumpkin patch. So, this afternoon, I took the kids on a little trip down the road to a great, quiet pumpkin patch in Benson. As my luck would have it, Matt was out of town with my GPS and my printed directions failed me (either that or I failed them). As I was driving around in a foreign town with no clue at all where I was, I found myself stopping to buy a pumpkin from some old man who was running a pumpkin stand in his front yard. (Welcome to eastern North Carolina, folks.) After making my purchase, I sweetly asked him where I could find the real pumpkin patch, and he thankfully pointed me in the right direction.

Once we finally made it to Smith’s Nursery, I let the kids run free. The way I saw it- the crazier they were amongst the pumpkins and goats and hay, the better they would sleep. And sweet goodness, I am all about some sleep these days. So, they ran and played and picked and dined with the goats… and now I sit in a silent house with sleeping babies upstairs. And with that, I leave you with the pictures. Enjoy and happy Halloween!