I have this thing on my blog that can give me some interesting info. Like where all of you are coming from, how many hits this little blog of mine gets each day, and other semi-stalkerish information. But let’s get real- I think you are the one stalking me more than the other way around. I have evidence to prove it. Just kidding…. sorta.

Anyway, so I happened to look this morning at the search terms people have used to find this website. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that someone had actually googled “jesus 18th birthday antics”… which landed them here. I tried it for myself, and sure enough, Allison Antics is the first website to pop up on Google with such an ironic string of words. I don’t know what you, my new googling stalker friend, were looking for, but I can pretty much guarantee you that it’s not here.

Okay that’s all. Y’all stalk on. Or just leave a comment and become less mysterious. Your call.

3 Comments on number one on google

  1. how do you find out such creepy information?? i want to know too!!

    (i type this from outside your window… jk)

  2. Love the new design scheme! Pink + green is my favorite color match up!!! Unfortunately I have no real good stalker stories of how I came about finding your blog, I think the fact that we have know each other for like 13 years is probably evident enough (gosh that makes me feel old!) Hope yall are doing well 🙂

  3. I totally am a creeper…but at least we went to the same college…I started visiting from Jenna's blog, and now I've linked from my own:) Hope you don't mind, I just love hearing about y'alls adoption process and everything in between:)

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