Oh yes I did! I sewed something! With a real sewing machine! And I like it!

So, to give some background, I have had a recent thing for cute aprons. Don’t know why, but I just thought cooking would be so much more fun and June Cleaverish if I wore an apron. Well, when I saw the idea of sewing an apron using simply a tea towel and ribbon, I was sold. A few snips and sewn straight lines later, I marched out to model my first sewing project ever to Matt. He was far too underwhelmed for my liking. As I continued to probe him for lavish compliments, he simply stated, “Catherine. It’s an apron. What do you want me to say?”

As predicted, cooking dinner tonight in my new get-up was pretty thrilling, hence my awkward “Hey Matt, let me strike a weird wanna-be-an-apron-model pose so you can take a picture” shot. Yes, apron models raise their arms like that. It’s just what we model-types do. Duh.

So there you have it. Project #1. I asked my mom for fabric for my birthday, but she refused. I was raised to never request or accept household gifts for any holiday, and my mom says fabric is too “householdy”. I guess I won’t be getting my new laundry rack from her either then…

What other ultra easy sewing projects can I do? I’m already hooked!

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  1. catherine, a few things:
    1. I love your apron! way to go!!
    2. would you consider selling them on etsy? maybe for a wyatt fundraiser? i have been looking for a new apron 🙂
    3. dr. f bought be a food processor for my birthday and while my mom was um, confused, i fell even more in love with him lol.

  2. I'm majorly impressed:)

    Jumpers for Mary Grace…my mother SWEARS that they're easy (and yet I still haven't tried them…). I also made cornice boards this past weekend which while they didn't require a machine did require a drill and still felt pretty awesome.

    I love Jenna's etsy/fundraiser idea…bow bows with matching jumpers!

  3. I am thinking sew a cute ribbon onto some cloth diapers to give away for baby shower gifts. OR you can make little blankets also for shower gifts. (we have so many girls that are preggo on staff that you could give them then to test the waters)
    Either of those could also be sold to bring that boy home!
    OH and I have a friend who made a carseat blanket. She basically just sewed some vercro handles onto some fabric so that she could velcro the blanket to the handle of the baby's carseat. Let me know and I can send you the link.
    And since i am going on and on on here. Can we get a pic of the van please?

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