It all started back when I was a giggly high schooler, enamored by boys and the fresh drivers license that had just been entrusted to my hot little hands. Michelle, our youth pastor’s wife, welcomed a group of us girls into her home every week to disciple us and teach us the Bible. Though it may have seemed as though she spent all of her time dealing with the more petty aspects of the existence of teenage girls, little did she know that our young little minds were soaking in everything she said and observing closely what it meant to be a godly wife and mother.

Flash forward to college when I, once again, was blessed by yet another woman of strong faith who took several of us William and Mary girls under her wing. We laughed and cried together along with Beth Moore, and I can recall several afternoons when I took up residence in the bedroom of her own daughter when I could no longer stand another second in the sorority house.

And now… now I am spending my Monday mornings at church in a women’s Bible study comprised primarily of women in their 50’s and 60’s. Initially, I felt somewhat out of place, but I have been welcomed with open arms and have, once again, been soaking in the wisdom of older Christian women who have already “been there and done that.” Our pastor’s wife happens to lead this study, and last night she and her husband spent several hours at our home speaking truth to us and encouraging us in the call we feel on our lives.

Now, why do I mention all of this? I do so to encourage you to encourage others. Titus 2 explicitly instructs older women to teach those younger than them to “live wisely and be pure,” and I credit those who have taken this call seriously for helping to shape me into who I am today. MTV and Hollywood have enough influence on the lives of the younger generations. What we really need is for Christian men and women to step up and deliberately lead, guide, teach, and pray over the lives of others.

Future generations will thank you.