Y’all… meet Elizabeth’s newest (bedtime) accessory.  The Sleep Cap.  Ahh!  Hilariously adorable, right?


So, if you’re completely naive when it comes to African hair as I was (truth: I had a small panic attack when we received Elizabeth’s referral last year and I realized I’d have to learn to DO HER HAIR!), this whole sleep cap deal might be throwing you off.  In short, Elizabeth’s hair is prone to dryness and breakage, and this helps keep her hair from getting all jacked up and falling out when she sleeps.  Does it stay on all night?  Eh, nope.  But we’re working on it!  And isn’t it so stinkin’ cute?  I smile every single time I plop it on her adorable little noggin.



And since we’re on the subject of hair care, you really must see the slew of products we have somehow acquired in the past few months.  And we use ’em all!  (The amount of dinero I have spent on Elizabeth’s hair and skin products is for me to know and for Matt to never find out.)  I am having so much fun figuring this hair thing out.  I have scoured blogs and sent desperate emails to friends in the know and am slowly (very slowly) getting the hang of it.  Ask me again when Elizabeth’s hair is more than an inch long though, and it might be a different story.


Am I going to spell out the details of Elizabeth’s hair care routine?  No way in heck.  Not right now at least.  Remember, I’ve got issues… and I just ain’t that confident.  Yet.  However, feel free to imagine that I know exactly what I’m doing… and check back with me in another few months.

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