Yeah, Carson I think you’re right.  I don’t think you’re sleepy at all

I took Carson in for his four year old check up last week where he was the unhappy recipient of five shots.  As a treat for enduring the torture, we told Carson that we would stop to pick up any treat he wanted.  His choice?  A piece of cake at a tiny (but so, so yummy) Mexican bakery near my work.  This makes me smile.
In other Carson news, tube number two fell out of his ear this week (and he already has another ear infection.  awesome.).  It does not surprise me at all that this has been thrilling for my anatomy-book-loving-son.  The child continues to tote around the ziplock containing this teeny piece of  plastic, and I had to dissuade him from bringing it to school to show his friends.  Because I’m just not sure how well-received a miniscule piece of medical equipment would be among a group of four year olds.  But to my little Carson, it’s like gold.  And that’s just another reason I love this kid.